Focus on Clay



I offer focused therapeutic clay work which differs from the usual format of psychotherapy and may take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly up to an agreed time span.

This work is a more project based process where the focus is on the creation and development of clay-work that builds on themes of your choosing as well as those that may emerge as you create.

It’s a good idea to approach this process with as open a mind as possible as clay is a particularly powerful conveyer of hitherto unknown or unexpressed aspects of self so there are likely to be surprises along the way. The therapeutic relationship will serve as both a facilitation of and witness to your process and I also offer some technical knowledge about how to work in clay. 

The end piece (or pieces) may be glazed and fired (though this does depend on the form the final work takes) taking them into ceramic form where they can no longer return to the changeable medium of raw clay. 

In this way you will be able to take away a kind of talisman that symbolises your therapeutic journey thus far and perhaps points to next stages on your life’s path.