Forms of Self in Clay.

Forms of Self in Clay work differs from the usual format of clay therapy in that it is outcome as well as process based. 

The work is organic and holistic, beginning with a planning stage where I help you to think about your focus for the project. As the process continues I will encourage you to allow the clay to ‘lead the way’ into an unplanned or fluid stage. Out of this fluidity new thought processes, realisations and direction are likely to emerge. 

It’s a good idea to approach this process with an open mind as clay is a particularly powerful conveyer of hitherto unknown or unexpressed aspects of self, so there are likely to be surprises along the way.

In this setting my role is facilitator, mentor, witness and technical support. 

The end piece (or pieces) may be glazed and fired (though this does depend on the form the final work takes) taking them into ceramic form where they can no longer return to the changeable medium of raw clay.